Best-In-Class Services

Make it Matter

Less than 1% of athletes compete at the highest level. And, even fewer receive the highest level of representation.

Ballengee Group represents an exclusive group of extraordinary athletes who are driven to be significant.

Numbers Don’t Define You

Ballengee Group invests in special athletes who want to be more than difference makers on the stat sheet. Through a nontraditional approach that packages best-in-class athletic, contract, financial, legal, entertainment, publicity and life skills experts, our unique business model gives you the necessary tools to become a model athlete in everything you do.

Your complete success is our sole objective.


In addition to our strong internal management team of agents, Ballengee Group packages for you best-in-class resources, services, specialists and support staff to ensure a representation experience like no other. It’s an unprecedented approach, built on a philosophy of truly doing what’s best for the each client, designed to help you maximize every window of opportunity in your career.

Family Oriented Personal Services

We’ve created a new concept in representation that combines the best elements of the large and small agency experience, eliminated each of their downsides and added an entirely new level to provide unmatched services, resources and experience with a true family atmosphere and personal feel.

Our approach is a game-changer in this industry.