Leave Nothing on the Table

Maximize Your Career Earnings

As a professional athlete, you have a limited number of opportunities to maximize your career earnings at the negotiation table, and there are no do-overs. Not having the right experts on your contracts team can cost you millions during your career.

You Have the Best In Your Corner

Contracts – Ballengee Group takes no chances in the area of contracts. We bring together an elite lineup of A-list agents, business executives and lawyers (including the top arbitration expert in the world) with unmatched amounts of experience in the draft, equipment and endorsement deals, arbitration, free agency and, not to mention, the general business world.

With team members who have negotiated some of the biggest contracts in professional sports history, you can sleep well at night knowing you truly have the best of the best in your corner.

Arbitration Team
Arbitration Team Walking

Over $1 Billion in MLB contracts negotiated