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Our diversified team of professionals includes lawyers, analytics experts, former players, and scouts that have been drafted themselves, worked on the team side in draft rooms, and advised players on the representation side. Our process leaves no stone unturned while preparing athletes and families for the Draft.



Between the murkiness and uncertainty of NCAA and Draft rules, expectations and scouting reports, the entirety of the draft process can be overwhelming. Our expert team equips you with the knowledge and tools every step along the way to ensure you’re always properly informed, well prepared and empowered to make the right decisions for yourself throughout the experience.


With more than three decades of draft advising experience, and having negotiated well over $100 million in draft bonuses for dozens of first and high round picks in the last decade alone, you’ll have the security of knowing that we will be maximizing your value when you’re ready to sign.

Our draft prep services

Market Analysis

Scout Meeting Prep

Team/Scouting Feedback

Organizational Fit Analysis

College Analysis

Media Prep

Draft Strategy

Draft Bonus Negotiations

Bonus Tax Strategies

Legal Advice