Lead a Life of Significance

Your Complete Success is Our Sole Objective

Ballengee Group invests in special athletes who want to be more than difference makers on the stat sheet. Through a nontraditional approach that packages best-in-class athletic, contract, financial, legal, entertainment, publicity and life skills experts, our unique business model gives you the necessary tools to become a model athlete in everything you do. Your complete success is our sole objective.

Business Guidance

Most business advisors have no personal experience managing the amounts of money a professional athlete will make over the course of his or her career. Ballengee Group is different. Not only do we provide realistic guidance and personal advice from mentors who have been highly successfully in similar financial circumstances and beyond, we also give you access to the same business advisors that consult for the top entrepreneurs in the country.

Giving Back

We believe athletes have an important responsibility to use their platform to help others. From 501(c)(3)’s, to Donor Advised Funds, to large-scale charity events, we have the experience and resources to help you see through any vision you have that can help make a difference.